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Founders Alyzeh and Ahmer, Pakistani-born Americans, grew up consuming spicy condiments with every meal.

When they moved to the US, they searched far and wide for their flavors but could not find any hot sauces inspired by South Asian cooking that were both delicious and nutritious. Sauce aisles in stores today lack both flavor and quality as most hot sauces are unnecessarily watery with a ton of vinegar, sodium, preservatives and extracts.

Their goal was simple: fill the gap of South Asian flavors in a familiar American form and create a range of hot sauces that not only cross cultural borders but contain less vinegar, more complexity in flavor and are a healthier alternative to other sauces in the market.

Today, Peepal People makes fresh and gut friendly condiments with superfood powders packed with antioxidants like turmeric, pomegranate seed, dried mango, etc all of which have exceptional health benefits and add a delicious flavor.

All sauces are vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, non-gmo and preservative-free.

The company name, Peepal People, was coined after a trip to Pakistan in 2019. The Sacred Fig Tree (“Peepal” in Urdu) is one of the most prominent trees that is native to the Indian Subcontinent and has a very distinct heart-shaped leaf. The name Peepal People plays on the nostalgia of growing up in Pakistan around this tree and other ancient trees.

As kids growing up in Pakistan, Ahmer and Alyzeh remembered the many gatherings under the shade of the tree; they would play, climb or hang make-shift swings from these magnificent trees and in the evenings, gather around to have tea ceremonies with their families and loved ones.

The tree plays a crucial social role in binding urban and rural communities back in Pakistan and the name Peepal People celebrates this nostalgia and love for their community they want to share with everyone.