Elevate any meal with a dose of Peepal heat!

Our mildest sauce. Jalapeno and serrano peppers provide the heat, rounded off by the tartness of amchoor (dried mango powder). Pairs best with Latino food and as a substitute for chutney in South Asian meals. 
Our most versatile sauce. Fruity, fiery habanero peppers are front-and-center, and compliment the sweetness of bell peppers and earthiness of haldi (turmeric) perfectly. Pairs well with just about everything - especially egg dishes or a steaming bowl of daal (lentil soup).
Our most audacious sauce. Copious amounts of garlic and kashmiri mirch give this a taste of home, before the delayed-burn of bhoot jolokia (ghost peppers) takes over. A little dab goes a long way, especially in stews and soups.
Want the complete Peepal People experience? Try all three sauces in our Teeno Bundle for the full heat spectrum. Why choose one when you can have them all!
Everyday Goods
This do-it-all tote is lightweight yet super durable and has long comfortable straps for toting all your essentials around. It is unlined and deceivingly sturdy.

Tote: 100% cotton. Made in the USA
PP Woven Label: Made in Pakistan
Dimensions: 13.5” length x 13.5” height